American Heart Association CPR Certification Card Printing Template Enhancement for AHA Training Centers

Enrollware now provides an additional American Heart Association CPR certification card printing template for AHA 2 card mailers. We recently launched this feature along with automated ASHI certification card printing. In addition, Enrollware customers now have the flexibility to create multiple American Heart Association CPR certification card printing profiles by certification type, locations with different printer settings and AHA card stock using 2 card sheets or 3 cards sheets. All certification card printing is automated with the required AHA data elements populated from the system and printed perfectly on the certification cards every time. Our AHA card printing templates are built into the Enrollware system so, there is never any need to download, maintain and modify templates on your computer. With Enrollware you can print American Heart Association certification cards anywhere, anytime at the touch of a button. AHA Training Center Managers can also use this feature to print cards automatically for their affiliates and training sites.

Posted By Enrollware On November 29, 2012

Enrollware's Online Class Registration Software Recent Enhancements

We've recently launched new enhancements that will help our customers operate their training center more efficiently, effectively and profitably:

  • Restricted instructor views
  • Configurable promotion and group client codes
  • Linked classes
  • Cross training site instruction
  • Automated repeat class function
  • Student and class document upload
  • Custom student and class forms
  • Enhanced reports for Training Centers
  • Affiliate self registration for automated rosters
  • Bulk registrations
  • Tracking code mangement for book shipping
  • Multiple website schedule links by view
  • Google AdWords code inclusion on registration pages

 Additional enhancements are in development and coming soon.

Posted By Enrollware On March 14, 2012

New Business Venture for Zack Zarrilli, CEO of SureFire CPR

Looking for a fresh new way to market your business? Tired of your business cards being thrown in the trash? is putting a new spin on marketing. Now you can advertise your business, protect your clients, and encourage them to help save the lives of others all at the same time.

With roots in Emergency Medicine and the Fire Service, is filling a need for business owners who are looking for a unique way to market themselves. By providing CPR breathing barrier devices custom branded with your logo, puts your business name in the pocket of all of your customers. Key chain masks can be great giveaways or an additional revenue stream to sell to students.

With a complementary in-house design team, 7 different color key ring pouches, and free shipping on all orders, is helping businesses across the nation save lives. From CPR companies to hospitals; colleges to medical supply companies; serves them all.

Interested in jumpstarting your marketing? Call 855-CPR-MASK or visit!

Posted By Enrollware On November 01, 2011

iPhones to Help Save Lives

A new iPhone application is out that helps connect rescuers with those in need.  The application maintains a database of its users' rescue skills and uses GPS to track their locations.  It interfaces to the 911 dispatch system and when an emergency call is received, the system notifies the nearest rescuer and also determines where the closest AED is located. 

Initially launched in the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District, this app could have some huge benefits if managed and deployed responsibly.

More information

Posted By Enrollware On January 27, 2011